Pilates by Josie Roth

Pilates is an exercise discipline which, when practiced correctly, is executed with great control and precision. When consistently practiced it has been shown to benefit a wide variety of individuals of all ages and backgrounds: the professional or amateur athlete, the patient in rehab due to an injury or illness, the handicapped individual who wishes to strengthen and improve their quality of life, and many others. Members of the health and fitness community have long recognized the benefits of Pilates. And it’s fun and relaxing too!

Pilates – the History

Joseph Pilates founded the technique in the 1920s. It is an exercise system that improves posture, restores muscle balance, and increases your strength and flexibility.

The result is a more streamlined body with improved muscle tone. Simple and precise exercises are performed without forcing or straining the body, helping to relieve stress and tension and in many cases reducing back and joint pain. By focusing on breathing while exercising, you can work mind and body together to leave you feeling refreshed rather than exhausted. Individual attention is given to your particular needs: Exercises can be adapted so you can work within your physical capability and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Josie Roth, Certified Pilates Trainer, Director of Pilates

Josie Roth

Josie Roth has had a life-long background in fine arts and possesses a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Intermedia. She is also a violist and vocalist and has been active in the Los Angeles contemporary and avant-garde art world for many years. Josie has long participated in the physical arts with an emphasis on dance. She has studied many forms of dance including Modern/Contemporary, Flamenco, Japanese Butoh, Ballet, Samba and Jazz. She performs locally at a variety of arts venues with other artists and presents her own works.

Traveling to Spain, she studied at the famed Amor de Dios Flamenco School with Flamenco legends, Ciro, La Tati and Merche Esmeralda. She also traveled to Japan on a fellowship from the Japanese American Cultural Council to study with Butoh master Min Tanaka. Additionally, she studied Ballet for many years in Los Angeles with Sallie Whalen (deceased), a highly respected ballet teacher in the Southern California area.

When Josie discovered Pilates it was immediately a perfect fit and she knew from the beginning that she wanted to teach it to others. After taking many classes she traveled to Majorca, Spain to participate in an intensive Pilates retreat conducted by Sarah Rosenfield from London, UK. A few years later she began to study with internationally recognized master of the Pilates technique, Marie Jose Blom-Lawrence, at Long Beach Dance & Conditioning Studio and Movement Academy, completing the Advances in Pilates Technique Professional Teacher Training Program and the Core Intelligence program. She continues her Pilates education by attending continuing education seminars and attending Pilates conferences.

…people worldwide are committing to what is perceived to be a more “mindful” and “intelligent” exercise approach…