Dalton James

“I’ve had the privilege of understudying Brady Riggs, one of the top 100 golf instructors in the country. It always amazed me how some of his students were more apt to pick up certain moves in the golf swing while others struggled to make some of the same moves. In my own experience with my own students I’ve run into similar issues with body mobility problems including myself.

After Dr. Im put me through some tests to see how my own body performed I learned why I’ve struggled with certain moves in my own swing. I walked away with a new understanding about how my own swing works. To many of us golf is very important and we are constantly striving for perfection. While there are certain fundamentals to the golf swing, its not about building Tigers swing for ourselves its about finding our own limitations and knowing what those are so we can build a swing around those with those proper fundamentals. But I am sure that if we do work on our bodies it’s not only going to make our swings better by giving us more mobility and efficiency but also improve our day to day general health and also lengthen our golfing careers.”

Dalton James
Golftec Teaching Professional

David Hillman

“As a PGA Certified Professional in Instruction, I am knowledgeable of the fundamentals of a solid golf swing. I teach golfers awareness of ’cause and effect’ in their swings, making changes to improve ball flight and short-game skills. However, as any golfer will tell you, we all have certain limitations when it comes to improving one’s golf swing. Those ‘physical limitations’ make it difficult to perform and learn the recommended changes necessary for your golf swing.

Before seeking instruction, however, compensations have been made in your golf swing because of those physical limitations. It’s my job to fix those compensation, but most of the time the golfer is unable to make the change in their swing. Based on the results of MY personal physical evaluation with Dr Im,David Hillman PGA Certified Teaching Professional, golfTEC Store Manager
I now know WHY I have limited my back-swing, as well as why I have a slight difficulty swinging the golf club through properly.

Dr. Im was able to show me how a lack of mobility in my upper back, as well as my right shoulder, was shortening the length my back swing and how stiffness in my neck was preventing my shoulders from rotating fully through in the follow-through. We have been working on my spine, muscular flexibility and joint mobility with simple exercises, and I now swing the golf club better than ever! Thanks David Im!”

Andrew Loughrin

“I have never had a problem generating club head speed Andrew Loughrin PGA Teaching Professiona
but I was never quite able to keep my hips back in the downswing. Dr. Im showed me how a lack of flexibility in my ankles and hip flexors prevented me from squatting down properly in the downswing. I am now performing his prescribed program to work on these limitations and feel confident that this chronic problem that has been plaguing my golf swing will be resolved.”

“As a former athlete, and current active adult, I was looking for a place to both rehabilitate my back injuries and stay fit for life. I’ve found that place at Functional Physical Therapy. I have benefited greatly from the intelligent and carefully constructed physical therapy program and care at Functional Physical Therapy. I look forward to graduating to the personal training side to stay fit for life. Each of the many staff people I have interacted with at Functional Physical Therapy has impressed me with their intelligence, care, and commitment. They are all consummate professionals. As an active adult, I am learning how to live with, and get fit with, a chronic back condition. It is with Functional Physical Therapy’s intelligent care and well-designed physical therapy and fitness program, that I am able to reach my health and fitness goals.”


“I have been a personal training client at Functional Fitness for over 5 years. I was referred by my medical doctor to whom Tom sends a monthly report regarding my progress as well as periodically updated recommendations and goals. My exercise program includes preventative health training and is custom-made to my specific needs as a senior with back and shoulder problems. Over the years I have had the privilege of training with Tom on a one-to-one basis, benefiting from his informed counsel and having access to the excellent and varied equipment provided. I have been greatly helped by this program and have found it to be far superior to any other in which I had previously participated.”


“The care my husband and I have received at Functional Physical Therapy has been outstanding. Dr. David Im (our physical therapist) is well-educated and very dedicated. We have both benefited greatly from the care received from Dr. Im. There has been remarkable reduction in pain (caused by arthritis) and there has been increased shoulder mobility in the case of my husband. I have had spinal surgery. Dr. Im has worked with exercise and stretching to strengthen my back and leg muscles, to relieve pain, and to increase total body mobility. Both of our life styles have improved. We have been treated judiciously, carefully, and with empathy. We highly recommend Functional Physical Therapy.”

E.D. and C.D.