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We are prepared and taking the appropriate measures as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the protection and safety of our patients and staff.

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Support our patients and clients in reaching their physical and fitness goals and realizing their body’s full functional potential in a professional and fun atmosphere.

Our History

Functional Fitness, Inc. was originally started in January 1999 in Pasadena, CA. It was created to help members of the community that were not good candidates to join a large gym by providing one on one personal training by college educated certified personal trainers.

In November 2002, Functional Physical Therapy, Inc. was formed with the goal to provide patients with excellent patient care and the unique opportunity to transition into medically supervised personal training. At the same time, personal training clients had immediate access to a physical therapist. As the two offices continued to expand in Pasadena, Functional Physical Therapy and Fitness was established in January 2006 in Arcadia,CA to offer their unique services to the surrounding community.

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Functional Physical Therapy

In November 2002, Mr. Strafaci partnered with Frank Chow, DPT, OCS and David Im, DPT, TPI to form a new corporation, Functional Physical Therapy, Inc. This new practice began treating physical therapy patients, with a doctor’s referral, at the Pasadena office and shares the same facilities with Functional Fitness. These patients were and are currently being treated by Dr.s Im and Chow.

Functional Physical Therapy was formed with the intention to offer patients the ability to receive a broad continuum of care with its relationship with Functional Fitness.Patients who are discharged from the outpatient physical therapy setting of Functional Physical Therapy are offered the chance to continue a lifestyle of wellness and fitness by starting a program with Functional Fitness.

Oftentimes, the physical therapists of Functional Physical Therapy work with the trainers of Functional Fitness to provide individuals with a program that is unique to their post-rehab needs. Similarly, clients of Functional Fitness may elect to seek the professional help of a licensed physical therapist from Functional Physical Therapy with their orthopaedic and neurological concerns.

In January of 2006, Functional Physical Therapy, Inc. opened a second facility under the dba of Functional Physical Therapy and Fitness in Arcadia, California. Mr. Strafaci serves this corporation as Treasurer and Director of Personal Training Services, Dr. Chow serves as Director of Physical Therapy Services in Arcadia and Dr. Im serves as Director of Physical Therapy Services in Pasadena.

Functional Fitness

The concept of personal fitness training by a health care professional that eventually evolved into Functional Fitness Inc. was started in January of 1999 by Thomas F. Strafaci, P.T.A., C.S.C.S.

Mr. Strafaci’s experience in the rehabilitation/gym industry dates back to 1974. His experience includes work in physical therapy departments of hospitals; private physical therapy practice for 14 years; teaching physical therapy in nursing schools; teaching body mechanics in hospitals; owning his own gym, Super Fitness of Chino for 3 years; and serving as Area Director for Therapeutic Comprehensive Services.

Frustrated by Medicare and HMO cutbacks that severely limited the exposure that senior citizens have to exercise professionals, Mr. Strafaci leased a small office in a Pasadena area personal training studio and sought referrals for clients from local physicians and chiropractors.

Originally, the first clients were primarily those that had already received treatment by a health care professional and no longer needed acute rehab for their condition. These people had a medical history that made them less than perfect candidates to join a membership gym.

Soon, this post rehab core of clients evolved into primarily senior citizens who were referred by their physicians for physical fitness training.

In February of 2000, Mr. Strafaci leased an 800 square foot facility at our current location in Pasadena, California. In April of 2000, we added an additional 1200 square feet and also added another 600 square feet in 2002.

Functional Fitness was incorporated in California in October of 2001 and currently utilizes the services of 5 certified personal fitness trainers.

Our referral base is broad and consists of local physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, clinical psychologists and, of course, word of mouth referral from our clients.

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    Bobbie FJuly 2017

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    Alicia GJune 2017

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    Wanda MJune 2013

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