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Our Services

At Functional Physical Therapy & Fitness, we make sure our patients play an active role in their recovery so they can regain their function again once treatment ends. We also offer a unique continuum care service to our patients who wish to continue and maintain their physical fitness with our individualized personal fitness training program.


To find out more about our service or to make an appointment, please feel free to give us a call at (626) 446-3862 during office hours. 


Physical Therapy

Restoring your function

At Functional Physical Therapy & Fitness, we offer an individualized session with our licensed physical therapist to diagnose and prescribe the best treatment for your condition. We are experienced in a wide range of physical therapy treatments for orthopedic injury, post-operative surgery, sports injury, workplace injury, motor vehicle accident, and neurological injury. We welcome patients with physician referrals and patients must first schedule an appointment with us prior to their visits.

Senior Therapy

Personal Fitness Training

Continuous maintenance of fitness

At Functional Physical Therapy & Fitness, we offer a unique opportunity for our patients to continue maintaining their physical fitness and function. Our certified personal trainers will work with the physical therapists to develop a gentle and appropriate program based on the client's needs and physical conditions/background.


Covid-19 Update (02/2021):

At this time, we are not offering any personal fitness training program due to the Los Angeles County restriction on indoor fitness training. 

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